“… I decided to poison the food…

I elected to fashion a delicate partner for the meat, which was a Spanish-flavored broth, in which my curse would swim.

Into a beef bouillon, I scattered the red stigmas of saffron, which stroked the soup a heart color and scented the air with the breath of beautiful lost lovers. Next came garlic and onions, reeking of tears, and virgin olive oil to remind diners of their untouched ardors. Lemon juice would blind the senses to all but the most intense satisfactions, leeks would confound logic; red peppers are known to inflame even the most phlegmatic natures.

And to the top off this brew, I added the final spell which was to place my mouth at its very surface and whisper into it a secret and potentially lethal charge:

“Listen to your heart”.

“The Conquest”

Yxta Maya Murray

Prevod na srpski jezik

Geopoetika ,2008, "Osvajanje" Iksta Maja Marej,

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